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Maurice Utrilloa moral history of the inflation
by hans ostwald
6 x 9 inches, black and white on crème paper
anticipated ship date: spring 2022
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Ostwald describes life in Germany during the early 1920s, when money lost its value so quickly that people used eggs rather than cash as a unit of exchange. While the book has often been cited in works dealing with the Weimar hyperinflation, this is the first complete English translation.

Maurice Utrillo maurice utrillo
by gustave coquiot
82 pages, 6 x 9 inches, 24 colour illustrations
isbn 9780981178097 · $19.95 usd
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Join the author and Utrillo as they wander the streets of Montmartre and drink in their favourite cafés. They talk about the painter's style, as well as his dealers, counterfeiters, and his problems with alcohol. The book ends with a visit to Utrillo's studio.

Henri Le Sidaner henri le sidaner
by camille mauclair
142 pages, 6 x 9 inches, 70 colour illustrations
isbn 9780981178066 · $24.95 usd
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He used small, distinct brushstrokes and his pictures have a mystical quality, but Le Sidaner was neither a Pointillist nor a Symbolist. Asked which school he belonged to, he replied: “None. But if you absolutely insist on categorizing me, I am an Intimist.”

Memoirs of a Booklegger memoirs of a booklegger
by jack kahane
222 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, black text on crème paper
isbn 9780981178011 · $14.95 usd
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From the safety of Paris, Jack Kahane published books that would have been banned or censored in English-speaking countries. In this autobiography, he describes his youth in Manchester, his experiences during the First World War, and his struggle to establish the Obelisk Press.

Baudelaire five days in brussels with charles baudelaire
by georges barral
92 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, black text on crème paper
isbn 9780981178004 · $15.95 usd
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In the fall of 1864 Georges Barral's job brings him to Belgium, where he meets and befriends the author of Les Fleurs du mal. Baudelaire expounds on a variety of subjects, including the merits of his pet bat, ginger bread, and the proper preparation of an omelette.