A Word About Our e-Books

In brief:

The e-books for sale here do not have encrypted digital rights management (DRM). You can read them on any computer or device that can open PDF files. After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with a download link that looks like this:

You have seven days after the purchase to save the file to your own computer, after which the download link will expire.

These e-books are for your personal, private use. Librarians who wish to buy digital copies for their online collections should do so from Overdrive, where they will soon be available. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

In Detail:

The e-books for sale here are PDF facsimiles of the print books. The PDF looks exactly like the physical copy, with the same pagination and typeface. If you were to quote something from page 24 of the PDF, another reader would find it on page 24 of the paper edition.

You can download a preview of an e-book before you buy a copy. Just look for the manicule ☞ at the top of each title’s page.

E-books purchased from oboluspress.com do not contain encrypted Digital Rights Management (DRM), nor are they be password protected. You are not locked to a specific platform, operating system, or type of software; these files can be read on any computer or device that can open PDF files.

To discourage piracy the file will only be “watermarked” — which is to say the book will be stamped (both visibly and invisibly) with your personal information, thus:

After you complete your purchase you will receive an e-mail from The Obolus Press with a link to your PDF. You may download the file up to seven times, and the link will expire after seven days.

Once you have the PDF file on your own computer you will be able to create, store, and print as many copies of the PDF as you wish. You can also copy and paste from the text, and search by key word.

You own the e-book, and you may do as you please with it. I simply ask that you not share the file or upload its contents to a public web site.

The Obolus Press operates outside of the literary establishment; it has never applied for, nor received, a government or arts council grant. This artistic endeavour relies entirely on the sale of books, so I thank you for your support.

— Andrew Rickard
Publisher and Translator